Underwater Criminal Investigator

Underwater Criminal Investigator

Course provider
Underwater Criminal Investigators®
Course dates
2-5th September 2024
Course length
4 Days
Course fee
2,100 USD

The 4-day Underwater Criminal Investigator course builds a solid foundation in underwater criminal investigations and certifies divers as Underwater Criminal Investigators. Out of the four days devoted to this course, three involve intensive in-water training designed to build your divers skill and underwater comfort level. The objective is not only to teach your divers the knowledge and skills needed to participate as an underwater criminal investigator, but to actually mold the diver into a professional investigator who specializes in the underwater environment. Topics include:

  • Overview of Underwater Criminal Investigations
  • Diver Readiness
  • Equipment Readiness
  • Information Readiness
  • Establishing your Crime Scene
  • Interview Techniques
  • Crime Scene Photography and Sketching
  • Advanced Underwater Communications
  • Medical Aspects
  • Search Patterns
  • Location and Marking Evidence
  • Evidence Recovery and Preservation
  • The Oxidation Process
  • Metal Preservation
  • Non-Metal Evidence Preservation
  • Submerged Fingerprints
  • Touch DNA
  • Body Movement and Body Recovery
  • Underwater Body Bagging Techniques 
  • Chemical and Polluted Water Diving
  • Light and Heavy Salvage
  • Vehicle Recovery
  • Case Preparation
  • Courtroom Testimony 


  • Delegates receive two internationally recognised certifications, a UCI certification and a PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) certification. PADI is the largest dive-training agency in the world and UCI is recognized as the world’s leader in law enforcement dive training. 
  • Continuing Educational Units (CEU) Credits: all UCI training programs are approved for CEU credit. The Underwater Criminal Investigator course offers 40-hours of CEUs including 4-hours of liability training.


  • The prerequisites are: must be 18 years or older, be an Advanced Open Water Diver or equivalent with any nationally recognized diving agency, be a current member of any police, fire, or rescue department, military or security agency.
  • Delegates must supply their own scuba gear to include full wet suit (or dry) with hood, gloves and tanks. All search and recovery equipment will be provided by UCI.
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